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Best Price Guaranteed, if you find a better price we will refund you the difference! With our Booking Cagliari reservation’s system, you can book your room in Cagliari city directly from Castello Affittacamere web site without intermediation! Make you Save Money is our GOAL!

Guaranteed Booking - Best Price - Save Money Until 50%

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Our Strong Points:

Strategic position: in the historical Cagliari city center,  cheapest prices, the lowest than the other cheapest Cagliari hotels
If you want you can have Bed and Breakfast service supplied in a bar with Cagliari city view
Rooms’ Comfort:  different types of rooms, with simple and elegant furniture in the heart of the city
Additional services to grant to you the better and unforgettable staying like: Late check-out, Shuttle Service from and to: Airport – Rail Station – Terminal Bus – Harbour and more.

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Booking Cagliari FAQ: Discount Reservations UP TO 50%


How can you save up to 50% for the  hotel’s bookings? Surely you can, this is a question that many people have asked themselves!


The thing is simpler than you think!

Generally when you surf on Internet to find for example an hotel in Cagliari and you use a tool such as Google, you will  type the keyword to search that, eg: B&B Cagliari, Hotel Cagliari, Booking Cagliari, Guest House Cagliari and so on, Google will show you different results and it will finish to give the priority to the large Booking web sites.

You will finish in the Booking’s web sites, that to semplify we will call from now just: Booking which offer visibility to B&B, Hotels, Hostels, but THIS VISIBILITY HAS A COST, and the biggest part of this cost rest on the hotelier shoulders and in particular on you that  are just booking for example an hotel in Cagliari.

Let’s we make a few practical examples and see in detail how much you can save money!

Reservation on Booking | Price 25% Higher:

Reservation in B&B in Cagliari center, choice: B&B Castello Affittacamere, 4 nights in a double room with bathroom at the cost of € 60.00 for 2 people per night.

Booking Fee 25%: 60.00 Castello Affittacamere Room’s Cost: € 180.00

Total cost of the staying for the client: 240.00.

Book from our Booking Cagliari page on:

ONLY FROM OUR WEBSITE through our Booking Cagliari service you would pay only the cost of the room WITHOUT COMMISSIONS OF THIRD PARTY SITES:

Total room’s cost without commissions: € 180.00 – Saving: € 60.00

NOT REFUNDABLE Reservation on Booking sites:

The customer, in this case, decides to choose a NOT REFUNDABLE Booking  to benefit of a Discounted Reservation Price in B&B in Cagliari center, choice: B&B Castello Affittacamere, 4 nights in a Double Room with bathroom at the cost of € 45.00 for 2 person per night.

Total cost of the staying: € 180.00.

But the discount has an other side of the coin, it is the CANCELLATION TERMS:

Cancellation: The guest will be charged the total price if they cancel at any time.
Prepayment: The guest will be charged a prepayment of the total price at any time.
In the event, for any reason, you decide to cancel the reservation, you will have to pay the full amount of the reservation: € 180.00

NON REFUNDABLE Reservation from our Booking Cagliari page:

The client, also in this case, decides to save money for the booking and to opt for the option: NON REFUNDABLE DISCOUNTED PRICE always in B&B in Cagliari center, choice: B&B Castello Affittacamere, 4 nights in a double room with bathroom, cost 45,00 € for 2 persons per night.

Total cost of the staying: € 180.00. ANTICIPATION for the Booking: € 90.00

In the event, for any reason, you decide to cancel the reservation, you will have to pay only € 90.00, the half part of the reservation price.

Saving up to: € 90.00

booking cagliari Discover the discount until 50%

!let you Snuggled up by the B&B Castello Affittacamere's hospitality!

Advantages of direct booking from our site:
Best price and booking conditions (you will not find better price elsewhere than on our website).
Possibility to book and pay at the hotel departure. No added costs for booking or other surprises such as commission's costs.

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